Altra Voce – Luciano Berio

Luciano Berio, Altra Voce at UMMA Ann Arbor from Michael Gurevich on Vimeo.

I performed Luciano Berio’s composition Altra Voce, for flute (arranged for french horn), voice and live electronics at University of Michigan Museum of Art, March 29, 2013 with Jennifer Goltz (soprano) and Adam Unsworth (horn). For the performance I created a new realization of the electronics part entirely from Berio’s score. The electronic performer is instructed to capture particular sections of the instrumentalists’ parts in real-time. The samples, as well as the live parts, are pitch-shifted and spatialized with prescribed trajectories across 8 speakers, with precise timings indicated on the score. My realization used Max and assorted MIDI controllers. The first performance was part of the U-M School of Music, Theatre, & Dance’s SMTD@UMMA series.

Second performance in Britton Recital Hall in January, 2014.